With the continued geometric spread of Covid-19 infection and the Governor’s Executive Order March 30th, Lake Salisbury notifies all residents – members and non-members until further notice:

  1. Non-members are restricted to walking across the property in groups of no more than 10 maintaining 6-10 ft. separation. For non-members there must be no congregate activity of any kind – no picnicing, swimming, fishing, sun bathing, or use of pavilion, docks, floats, or benches.
  2. 2020 Lake Members are allowed on the property only with their issued cards (no card images, no exceptions). All member guest privileges are temporarily suspended. Members may deploy their water craft and fish from the shoreline and beach while maintaining social distance.
  3. The Lake Association is staffing a Visitor Control Officer to be on site to assure compliance with these interim preventive/mitigation measures.